About us

Standard Supply Electronics is an independently owned, regional franchised distributor of electronic components and equipment with the most comprehensive inventory of electronic parts, supplies, components, and equipment available in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have thousands of SKU's (millions of pieces) in stock locally!

We serve all types of customers, from individuals building small projects for school, or serious "makers", and amateur radio enthusiasts, and we service large manufacturers at nationally competitive prices. We cover all markets including Maintenance Industrial, Broadcast, Educational and Manufacturing.

We will be building our online store, adding products often. We not only carry our regular franchised lines of products, but we have been adding thousands of products we procure from surplus sources. If you have excess electronic parts and supplies, please contact us for solutions to recover your assets!

Please check our AMAZON STORE for over 8000 inventory items (which is growing quickly as we add new products). If you wish to view our inventory list, please find it HERE. The prices shown are our regular prices. If you need a quantity purchase, please feel free to contact us to see if there is better pricing. Please sign upon our home page to receive occasional news and specials, etc. 

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THE Edge Group"We belong to the Edge Group of distributors. Because of our membership we are able to add the power and inventory of the entire group as we buy products and source material for you. The Edge Group is a distributor-owned buying and marketing group serving the datacom, security, low voltage, electronic MRO, and electronic OEM industries. With corporate offices based in Houston, Texas, we have a membership of more than 100 independent distributors and have cultivated strategic partnerships with leading industry manufacturers that have more than 200 product lines."